What's KUUMBA?

A curated marketplace for African video content on demand, but we are so much more than just a VOD.

KUUMBA creates a true marketplace for creators to earn money and market their work to a global audience.  

What's does KUUMBA mean? it sounds funny!

KUUMBA means creativity in Swahili. We believe in the power of creativity to transcend cultures and bring forth global unity through media.

What kind of content should I expect from KUUMBA?

Award-winning films and documentaries, must-see TV series, animations, vlogs, short films and so much more!  

So why KUUMBA?

KUUMBA is a dedicated platform for African video content. Africa boasts a rich culture and colorful narratives that are often left out of the traditional media and digital media space like VOD services. KUUMBA was built support the local African film and media industry by sharing their work with a global audience. On KUUMBA you can learn about Africa and be entertained through our curated content library.

How does KUUMBA work?

KUUMBA will be operating in beta mode in August of 2018 as a pay per view service. You pay for what you want to watch. You get 7-day streaming access. (and yes , We do take all major credit cards and PayPal).

Here is how it works:

  1. Simply sign up using an email
  2. Search the content you want to watch
  3. Pay with paypal or any major credit or debit card
  4. Enjoy Kuumba

Where does KUUMBA operate?

We are a global brand, so you can stream with us from anywhere with internet connection. Our operational teams are located in Ghana and New York.

Sounds great, but I hate streaming with a bunch of ads!

We do too. That's why we made KUUMBA Ad-free!

Am I really supporting local filmmakers in Africa through KUUMBA?

Yes! This is one of the best things about KUUMBA. Every paid stream pays the content maker for their work.

What more can I do to support the African film and content communities?

KUUMBA is building a network of content creators and filmmakers in Africa with various backgrounds and skills. If you are a brand or producer looking to create content, Africa has a booming market. Contact us at info@watchkuumba.com. We have a service focused on connecting you with our content partners for specific media projects.

I am not African, how do I get involved with KUUMBA as a content creator, filmmaker or film distributor?

By submitting your work. We consider all content with cultural merit to Africa.

What’s this KUUrator role?

KUUMBA offers a global ambassadorship program for individuals in the media industry. Learn more on the curator section of our website or email info@watchkuumba.com

Love the KUUMBA website, but where do I stream and search for content?

KUUMBA will launch August 2018. Watch this space. It's going to be epic!

Is there a way to keep up with KUUMBA for all the latest updates?

Yes! Join our mailing list so you don't miss a beat! Also check out our social media handles...follow, like, retweet, and subscribe. Trust us, you wouldn't want to miss anything!