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   About Kuumba

Kuumba is the marketplace for African video content on demand.

We stream films, documentaries, animation, series and so much more. Kuumba hosts the best content Africa has to offer and pays content makers for their work.

Kuumba will be streaming in August 2018. Follow us on our social channels for updates.


Kuumba inspires culture, travel and food in an entertaining way and on the go. Stream our vlogs and other content on your mobile or tablet. It’s easy! Just sign up, pay and stream.


We partner with film producers and content makers from all over the world to source the best content. We are taking submissions! Interested?! Submit your trailer here and connect with us on our social media.


Find new content every month on Kuumba. You have 7-day access to each purchased content, so you can watch and re-watch. No ads included.

Become a Kuurator for Kuumba

We offer a global ambassadorship program that connects Kuumba to Africa's best creatives. If you are well connected in your part of Africa, We want to team up with you to curate our library of content.

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